Byrd mural

Aloha e Ashley me Carly,

I trust that you and yours are doing well.

I’ve had an eventful year but I’m very happy to report that everyone is healthy and well.

Please find my initial brainstorm below (click on the image below to see the hi-res version). There are no details within this preview; Layout and color have been my main focuses thus far.

My project estimate is $5,500 for the entire wall. This estimate includes labor, paint and other materials. This estimate doesn’t include wall repair. I recommend having the loose blocks reattached before the wall is worked on.

Once we’ve agreed that we’ll move forward, I’ll begin to work with the elements mentioned during our initial conversations and from the book you loaned to me. Elements like the ‘Iwa, the Kōlea, Kahinihiniula, the Moʻo wahine, the colors of the sunrise/sunset, a feeling of lushness, references to both mountain and ocean, and references to the 3 sisters. I have a lot of really rich material to work with.

Feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns you may have. I look forward to working on this project with you both.

Take good care,

Aloha e Ashley me Carly,

Please find the second preview linked below (the first is a full view and the second is a detail). I created a Photoshop rendering to give us a clearer idea of what it could look like. Think of this as a digital sketch; All of what you see is acting as a placeholder. I drew inspiration from Pegge Hopper and Yvonne Cheng. I even included a (Hopper-ish) figure. Are you all ok with adding figures to this mural? I’ll follow up with a call at a scheduled time, so that we can talk about the preview.

Take good care,
Mark Feijão